introducing: the ramsay remodel

you know the old adage, what comes around, goes around..? nothing could feel more true for this little project in ramsay - where one of my first clients had returned to say they’d just sold their stylish but small mount pleasant home, and were up-sizing (just ever so slightly!) to another vintage home full of character… and much like it’s predecessor, it was in need of some solid layout advice, a (brand!) new kitchen, and an overall fashionable face-lift throughout ;)

cue the ramsay remodel… where crisp black & white is paired with warm white oak, burnished brass accents, and some sculptural modern furniture & fixtures throughout - keeping things feeling fresh and, as always for these stylin’ gents, classically cool…

welcome, to mount pleasant revised… welcome to the ramsay remodel!



introducing: windsor park

it was all about the art, at lovely windsor park…

has a nice ring to it wouldn’t you say? ;) well, it certainly was true. there was no doubt that the wonderfully curated collection of these long time clients deserved to sit center stage - and stage left, and right, and just about everywhere we could find available wall space!? we didn’t spare an opportunity! #truestory

with that ‘emphasis on art’ in mind, our chosen finishing & furniture for this extensive renovation, was meant to provide a classic, comfortable, & subtly serene backdrop to that which would fill it…  yes, the art… but also, most importantly, the growing extended family of children and grandchildren these homeowners were keen to play host to in the coming years! the other design requirement: there needed to be room for everyone!

as such, a family friendly and yet comfortably sophisticated space emerged… all at once, cozy enough for two, and spacious enough for a crowd!

welcome to windsor park

springing in a new direction...

...and that direction, my friends, is west.

reisinger design is excited to announce we will be expanding on our ever growing design reach with the opening of reisinger design | studio west - a residential interior design firm based in nanaimo, BC (think salty ocean air and coastal vibes on the always inspiring vancouver island!) - where we’ll be delivering creative design solutions and timeless design packages to all of western canada. salt and sand not included….

coming summer 2019...

2019-03-31 11.33.13.jpg

introducing: suite 702

situated comfortably along the lovely riverbanks of downtown calgary, suite 702 is naturally all about the expansive view. of course, i am speaking about the outside skyline - one of the primary selling features of this high rise residence - but one might be forgiven for being a bit distracted by the interior views as well!? recently completed and finished with a warm palette of smoked wood & sublime stone, modern mixed metals, and a little pinch of glam throughout - we have created a fresh yet timeless blend of “urban transitional” for these savvy & sophisticated clients to settle on into...

cue the demo team! the first order of business was to open up things up… the previous homeowners had obscured much of the view with heavy cabinetry (gone!), awkward rooms and layouts (fixed!), and an overall heavy mix of finishes (buhbye!) - allowing us to completely capitalize on both the spectacular views, and a better flow throughout the main living spaces.

relocating from two different homes, from two different cities, both out of country - this renovation brought about a steady exercise in downsizing for these two intrepid travelers. editing their worldly goods to suit the size and space now available, it was soon apparent we would need to provide ample opportunity for display! their travels and adventures abroad - combined with their penchant for fine art, crafted cookery, and a good book or two - have allowed a carefully curated collection to emerge…. and it needed a home!

fast forward a few months and a new space has emerged - open and inviting, fancy yet functional, cultured but comfortable. custom storage and open display shelves were peppered throughout, offering plenty of opportunity to show off their wares - and a long (and otherwise unremarkable?!) hallway was transformed into a proper art gallery, inviting you to linger as you now made your way into the heart of this new home - where all of the main living spaces are now beautifully centered on that aforementioned view…!

but for now, let’s focus on things inside ;)

welcome to suite 702!

introducing: 42nd avenue

perfectly pretty. decidedly delicious. soft & inviting. unassumingly decadent... all adjectives one would generally use to describe a tasty confection from the bakery? but instead of cupcakes, i'm introducing you to this wonderfully sweet confection of a home over at 42nd avenue.

recently completed and built by the meticulous team at muretto custom homes, this charming abode is filled with pretty patterns and a palette of  seriously delicious color throughout! this is not your typical cookie cutter home however, and was the result of a fantastically fun collaboration with the clients (who hail from jolly old england!), and who were a constant source of humor, inspiration and i dare say it, humility (!), as we set about to create a space that would invoke a comforting feeling of the homes they remembered growing up in :)

although i have yet to return for the final round of photos (the clients are currently getting settled as i type?!), i grabbed a few post construction snaps that i just had to share! like a good cupcake, i just couldn't keep it all to myself ;)

welcome to 42nd avenue.  

project profile: mount royal, part 4

i have to confess, mount royal holds a special place in my heart!  truly <3

so it seems somewhat surprising it's taken me so long to share these photos...?! it appears i fell victim to my own limitations as a photographer (of which i am not!) - and was feeling underwhelmed with the lighting and overall composition of these shots when i took them last fall :/

then before i knew it - it was winter?! and by december we were away as a family on an externded holiday, to travel around down under...! by then all things australia and new zealand consumed my thoughts?! a fantastic adventure it was (more on that to follow!) - but for now... back to these pictures!!! many months later and a fresh set of eyes have helped me compile this gallery of finished photos - and made me realize i was a a bit of a fool to wait so long to share!? turns out they weren't all bad ;)   

i will keep this intro short and sweet - and endeavor to let these images speak for themselves (there are enough of them!). if you'd like to see more of our journey over at mount royal, you can view the story behind this magnificent home's transformation here.

and now, finally, here is mount royal :)

introducing: riverdale

well what can i say about riverdale?! to be honest, this little project was a joy for many reasons, not least of which would be the darling clients i had the chance to work with :)

soft spoken in nature, yet steadfast in their preferences, they had a simple mandate: to update the tired 60's kitchen and powder room on the main floor - and refresh the original hardwood to a striking new stain.  a simple palette of serene whites and rich ebony are complimented with soft grays & greens throughout. fresh and modern fixtures completed the look - resulting in this simply sublime space that perfectly mirrors the clients tastes and preferences! 

in partnership with the talented guys over at willowbrook homes - this renovation was completed spring 2017 and will now be enjoyed by the homeowners for many years to come!

welcome to riverdale!    

introducing: bragg creek

nestled in the foothills just west of calgary lies the charming little hamlet of bragg creek... rich in both character and community, it is here that i was fortunate to be introduced to this equally charming family - who were seeking some very practical improvements to their cherished acreage. situated on a lovely lot, their home had "good bones" one would say... with a generally good layout and generously sized rooms throughout. but it was not without a few pain points! with a wish list in hand, we set out to create some better functioning spaces - with the added bonus of getting a sweet little face-lift for the rest of the house along the way :)

the biggest part of the renovation happened to be at the primary point of entry for this busy young family: the mudroom (or lack thereof?!), where they needed a better functioning space that  was to include the family laundry area, storage for all the coats/shoes/and sports equipment that inevitably needed to be controlled here, as well as providing overflow pantry space from the adjacent kitchen, and also as well, a dedicated homework room/craft area and family charging station/message central...?! all in just under 300 square feet!?! challenge accepted ;)

on top of all that, their list included a complete master suite refresh, fresh paint throughout (goodbye oak trim! hello wonderful white!), new hardwood stain, new carpet and some new light fixtures here and there! all things considered, we were able to refresh the whole home on a relatively modest budget ;)

but nowhere did we see the effects of this modesty more than in the kitchen. never part of the original scope - it slowly became apparent that with all the action going on around it - we couldn't not spruce it up too?! by completely refacing the existing cabinets, utilizing a few key changes/updates to the cabinets as they were, and surrounding everything with fresh finishes and fixtures - we were able to create a pretty impressive transformation?! resulting in a space that now looks and works as good as all of the new changes going on around it :)

completed with the talented and true guys over at willowbrook homes, this recent renovation offers just the right mix of rustic charm and modern sensibilities.... creating a home for this family of four that they could truly live in - and couldn't live without!  

welcome to bragg creek! 

introducing: killarney, part II

with typical back to school gusto - i am fi-na-leee revisiting some project photos that have been sitting by the wayside through the always active spring and summer months?! something about the crispness in the air and turning of the leaves (yes *sigh*, already!) make the annual event of "back to school" something that has never left me, even after i left school myself?! i've always enjoyed this time of year - bringing with it a return to ritual, where we all collectively "get back to it" and "hunker down for the year ahead"?! 

so without further ado; let's do this :)

returning to killarney first, i present the other half of our modern day duplex.. located in a desirable inner city neighborhood, this side of the project was strictly designed and staged to sell; funky fixtures and a clean aesthetic create an easy and accessible modern style for potential buyers...! combined with the quality finishing and workmanship of our talented team of architects and builders - it's no wonder this unit was but a flash on the market ;)

welcome to killarney, part II

project profile: mount royal, part 3

back again and picking up where we left off, here is the next installment in our journey: where spring has rolled into summer, warmer days are upon us, and construction is now in full swing!

up front, the porch has been completely rebuilt; a solid deck and new posts and railings have replaced their time worn predecessors, adding years of enjoyment ahead (cue the rocking chair now!).

around back, the new garage and connecting breezeway have gone up - adding a much needed attached point of entry (not to mention comfort & convenience in this calgary clime!) - and with the foundation now laid the for the new kitchen and bedroom suite above, the old version of both were removed & rebuilt in short order - closing things up comfortably in time for the cooler fall days ahead!

once again, welcome back to mount royal :)

project profile: mount royal, part 2

soooo, where to begin...!?

my last post -  the first and only to date - was a mere introduction to this incredible home, where my enthusiasm was evident and character was a plenty ;)

that was back in january of this year, where we were preparing to start this many layered and infinitely detailed project. flash forward a year and it's now december (seriously, almost christmas?! :/), complete with four seasons and a heap of work behind us!

to catch you up! as we sprung into spring demolition unveiled our task ahead and the history behind it all;  summer brought with it new foundations and a glimpse of the home we envisioned?! (so exciting!); through the fall it's been about finishing! finishing to get the walls and roof up on the addition before the weather turned?! and on the flip side, finishing some of the other areas of the home with some pretty fabulous finishes and fixtures within...  

and now, here we are... winter! where we are coasting into the final phase of this project and aiming for an anticipated completion date of early 2017. with that in mind, i thought i had better get you all acquainted on what the heck we've been up to this year!

no small undertaking, this home has undergone a top to bottom transformation - playing off it's beautiful history and cherished craftsmanship throughout. we've managed to celebrate the old all the while giving a respectable nod to the now... clean, classic, and just a little bit contemporary, this home will no doubt continue to leave a lasting impression in the years ahead...   

tackled in essentially two phases - the first involved the front half of the house, where we made mainly cosmetic changes to the existing upper bedrooms and bathrooms, main floor foyer, living rooms, powder room and den. this gave us a decent head start on things while pursuing the required permits for phase twowhere we had the much more involved task of building a major addition to the back of the house (c/w all around exterior face lift) - that is now well near complete as i type!

i confess, it's been a race to make the most of the seasons - to both begin when we broke ground this spring - to the fall, where we were under mother natures good graces while we finished framing to lock up. from there (just like the turning season!) we could take a shift back inside (stay warm!) and begin the rest of  the interior finishing; bringing to life the new kitchen, mudroom, and connecting breezeway to the brand new attached garage (and all around man cave) that is to come...

so! without further ado, here is the first in a series of photos i'll be posting on mount royal through the remainder of december. in the collection below, we skip back to where we left off and hi-light some of the cherished details, history, and underpinnings revealed as we began stripping things back during the demolition phase; exquisite woodwork and detailing, fixtures and fittings with a time worn patina, and a sense of history that was impressive & comfortable all at once....  

welcome back to mount royal! 

introducing: killarney, part 1

you know how they say... two halves make a whole? peas and carrots? yin and yang...? here in calgary, the urban development equivalent may well be: infills. increasingly popular, they create density on desirable (and larger!) inner city lots, replacing the often small and dated single family homes that once resided there. they have become our modern day duplex!

this infill project - completed with a a talented team of architects and builders - is located in killarney... and is the first half of this design duo! filled with warm woods and a classic palette of black, white, and shades of grey; then layered with fresh and fun fixtures throughout... this side holds it's own - and presents itself with a more classic appeal - creating a perfect counterpoint to it's sister half (the funkier of the duo) - due to be complete in the coming weeks.

for now, welcome to the first, the peas, the yin if you will... or... let's go with killarney, part I ;)

introducing: vita diagnostics

once again, i am pleased to introduce another of my collaborative projects - created together with the ever talented tracy wharton of dovecote design... by combining our varied strengths we are able to offer spaces that are thoughtfully laid out, functional and of course, aesthetically pleasing! the latter quality i must credit tracy for in full :) 

this time, our design collective was tasked with converting a tired & drab office space into a bright and inviting oasis for the doctors, patients and staff over at vita diagnostics. by reorganizing the interior space we were able to maximize the views and create an inviting experience for all. then layered with a serene & tactile palette of finishes, furnishings and art - this space is sure to make your stay a comfortable & pleasant one.

welcome to vita diagnostics!

project profile: springbank, part 3

as is always the case, summer is gone in a flash - and before i could realize what's happened, i'm staring down october in just a few short days!?  sigh.... every. year.

this post is long overdue (the photos were taken back in june!), so i'll keep this write up short and sweet - and simply state that this springbank project is now complete (save the ongoing decor!) - and i am so excited to share these snaps of the finished spaces! :)

with my tardiness in getting these out to you- i have the advantage of knowing that this family is well settled in and enjoying all aspects of life in their new home... which to me, is the true measure of a projects success ;)

in an effort to take advantage of the fabulous fall foliage here in southern alberta, a full photo shoot of the home and a proper gallery are in the works. it is there where we hope to showcase the true extent of this beautiful renovation....  which has been a true top to bottom, inside-out transformation!

but for now,  please take a peek inside and enjoy...

and welcome to springbank! 

project profile: kelvin grove, part 4

and just like that, she was done! *sniff*

when a project comes to it's inevitable close, it can be a bittersweet event.. so sweet in that all the hard work for everyone involved has come to fruition (always exciting to watch!); and even more sweet that the homeowners can finally settle in to life in their new home! but after all that time together as client and designer, it's often sad to part ways so abruptly?! such was the case when these folks moved in last winter :) 

with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and a equally busy start to the year, it took a few months for us to get back and properly see how much kelvin grove has grown into a proper home...! i think a home's true beauty comes with age - and the luxury of time to collect and curate all the pieces that you love! but when starting from scratch, it's important to lay a solid foundation of fixtures, finishes, and furniture upon which to build your decor... so you can eventually layer in reflections of  all the individuals that reside within!  

our last photo shoot of this beautiful family home focused almost entirely on the incrédible lacanche range... this one however is meant to offer up the rest of the rooms for your perusal...! take you on a virtual tour of to see just how much this house has become a home...

welcome back to kelvin grove :)

project profile: springbank, part 2

and then it was june...?! time sure flies when you're doing a renovation!  

life in springbank has literally been coming to life this spring! alongside the blooms and buds forming outside, we've been busy having the finishes and fixtures take form inside... and it's been a wonderful transformation to behold! 

the finishing stage of a project is the home stretch, and it's always rewarding to watch it all unfold...  it is here that we truly see the vision we'd set in place months ago unveil itself. for this particular job, that meant we were now witnessing the creamy & statuesque stones for the counters, fireplace and tile connect in earnest with the rich woods of the floors, beams and finishing millwork throughout; and the soft curves and subtle palette selected made for a sweet & serene marriage of materials :)

summer is now upon us and springbank is near complete...  this (patient!) family of four will be moving in this week and i cannot wait for them to finally settle in to life in this mediterranean inspired gem! our final reveal is coming soon so i thought we'd better get this little taste of whats to come out and noted... stay tuned for part 3!!! :)

design 101: story of a chair

as a designer i often joke with my clients about my many "afflictions"- slight OCD, a dash of ADD, and often... borderline hoarding tendencies?! (truth)

all of which, however, seem to serve me well in my chosen profession?! case in point is this story of a chair...

first discovered in a crowded and dusty antique shop on the drive; it's solid construction and graceful lines drew me in immediately, speaking stronger than the obviously timeworn velvet blue upholstery. i didn't waste time snapping it up! with grand plans to build on it's potential, soon it was living a new life in my prized kits apartment - decked out in fresh white ultra suede and fancy brass finishing nails... love!  

fast forward 15 years and this beauty of a chair was definitely looking a little worn again. we were bursting at the seams on the home front (a growing family and that aforementioned hoarding were taking their toll); and while parting ways with things i grow to love is not an easy task, this chair was looking like it needed to move on... 

as fate would have it, kelvin grove was in full swing - and in planning out the furniture and decor for their soon to be stunning front room, the stars aligned and it seemed a new home was calling out to this beloved piece! we were already pretty committed to the absolutely gorge cisco brothers luccia sofa - and it's soft lines and sublime character were a perfect fit for this classic chair. cue a little TLC (and a striking new fabric!) and this little beauty is back to it's former glory, and enjoying the next chapter of it's life (in serious style if i don't say so?!).

when designing a home i almost always look for a way to impart some history or meaning in the decor - be it through collections, heirlooms (or simply a fantastic garage sale find?!) - and i just love that i can share my own quick story of a chair; re-imagined and re-purposed - to perhaps inspire you to look around your own "attic" (or head out on a hunt for the perfect piece from a bygone era!?) and see the hidden potential within...


project profile: springbank, part 1

when planning a renovation, one of the first things we look to are the existing architectural features of a home - and how they might drive the design. some things you can (and want to!) change with the new design - but when considering the bigger picture of style, structure and budget - it's sometimes best to play the hand you're dealt...

in this case, the hand we ran with were the ever present arches on this springbank residence... and run with them we did! already present in most of the windows - integrating this feature into the new design became an easy move... and soon after a distinctly mediterranean flavor was revealed! 

now well into the renovation process (cabinets are going in as i type!) - a finishing package that includes warm woods and statuesque stones have been paired with elegant wrought iron and showstopping fixtures - all working together to lend style and substance to this renovation. other key changes had a portion of the existing indoor lap pool converted into a much needed pair of bedroom suites for the little kids (making way for a sublime master suite for the big kids!); and wherever possible walls have been taken down and spaces opened up to capitalize on that magnificent view - ensuring it is captured and celebrated throughout! it's not the mediterranean sea or anything, but it's not too shabby all the same ;)

due to be completed this spring, we are excited to give you a glimpse of this stunning home in the making - and as always, we look forward to sharing the progress with you in the coming months... 

thanks for stopping in - and welcome to springbank! 

project profile: mount royal, part 1


every once in awhile a project comes along that really tugs on the 'ol heartstrings... for me, this would be mount royal.

it's no surprise i'm a fan of all things old;  offering history, character, patina and imperfection, older homes have an undeniable appeal - and stepping inside this beauty last summer was a treat to say the least :)

built in 1912 and absolutely filled with original features and period charm - our task at hand has been to freshen up some of the more unforgiving and dated features throughout; and develop an addition to the back of the house that will greatly improve some of the functional drawbacks contained within... essentially: freshen things up - all while preserving the various details throughout the home that make it so very special.

today we are well into the design development, and have been busy at work pulling together the new plans, finishes and fixtures for this historic gem. as such, i thought a proper introduction was due - and i am looking forward to tracking the progress and sharing updates for you along the way...

thanks for stopping in, and welcome to mount royal! 

inspired by: lacanche

when we began designing the interior for kelvin grove, one of the first things we began designing around was an appliance long admired by the homeowner - a lacanche range. 

admittedly a first for this designer, the lacanche offered just the right amount of french flavor to get us started... a statement piece with instant appeal! and while it is available in a wide array of colors and finishes - it was classic black and brass for us (no surprise there!). thinking back, i don't know what we would have done without it's s grace, weight, detail and character to build upon, all of which have become the heart of this bon maison. 

after enjoying their new home for not near a month, the homeowners graciously welcomed us back over the holidays to take part in a photo shoot for the french barn,  the local supplier (and specialists!) of lacanche here in calgary.  my full gallery for kelvin grove will be up this spring - but 'til then, i wanted to share a few snaps... both a sneak peek of the completed project, and a behind the scenes look of the shoot in action ;) 

it's often remarked that a kitchen is the heart of the home, and i think it's fair to say this beauty of a range has found a perfect home at the heart of kelvin grove. j'adore!