introducing: southland medical

designed in collaboration with tracy wharton of wharton interiors - this fun project let us pool our talents together (yet again!) and create this beautiful new medical office. teaming up with another creative soul is a rewarding venture, and we have found ourselves working together a lot over the past couple of years... a successful pairing that always makes the most of our varied design knowledge and cohesive style preferences :)

our mandate this time was to design a new office space for one of calgary's noted podiatrist's & his dedicated team.  tracy and i  were set to work to completely transform the tired and poorly laid out offices that were before us! reisinger design took the existing plans and revised the layout to better suit the day to day functions of this busy office - addressing the need for a clean and contemporary reception area, as well as functional storage & administration requirements throughout. from there, tracy used her keen eye for colour & texture to transform this once drab office environment into a warm and inviting space... a gentle palette of finishes & furnishings to welcome you in and flow through the office with interest and ease...!   

welcome to southland medical...!